LD does not receive new payments from the members, but disburses the savings to the members. LD is under long-term liquidation, which is decisive for the fund's strategy. LD's board continuously discusses the future strategy of LD and makes decisions about initiatives that will ensure that LD's long-term liquidation happens in a way, which always benefits the interest of the members.

The level of disbursements in 2016 decreased to its lowest level ever in LD's history. Only 33,151 members withdrew their savings from LD - an amount of DKK 2.3 billion.

This means that the number of payment eligible members, who have chosen to leave their savings in LD, increased. At the end of 2016, the number of payment eligible members amounted to 295,000 representing 44 per cent of all members. The group's total savings represents 51 per cent of the assets in LD.

The interest for moving LD savings to another pension fund was historically low in 2016. Only 658 members moved their savings.

Since 1 January 2000, LD's members have been able to invest their savings in investment pools. It is possible to choose between 10 different pools. Members, who do not choose pools, invest all their savings in the large joint portfolio, LD Discretionary Investments. 

At the end of 2016, 85,954 members had placed their saving in investment pools of their own choice, and only 3,500 members changed pools during 2016.  

Almost 88 per cent of the members have placed their total capital is placed in LD Discretionary. The yield for this large member group was 5.3 per cent in 2016.