Annual report 2010

Another year with high return

Download the 2010 annual report here.

2010 was a good year for LD's members. The overall return for LD, before tax on pension investment returns, was 11.8%, which was almost in line with the high return in 2009. LD Discretionary Investments, which represent more than 90% of LDs assets, returned 12.0% in 2010, and has a positive return of more than 15% for the three years from 2008-2010 during which the financial crises took hold.

The high return also contributed to a DKK 2.4 billion increase in LD's member assets in 2010 despite disbursements of DKK 2.7 billion. LD's members now have assets for more than DKK 54.5 billion. LD's members benefit directly from the high return, which is added to their savings. The average annual return for members, which have left the management of their savings to LD throughout LD's now 31-year existence, is above 10%. The satisfactory performance means that members, who were full-time employed in the period 1977-79, have seen their savings increase from DKK 4,368 in 1980 to DKK 101.541 at the end of 2010.