Annual report 2011

Wide variations In returns due to volatile financial markets

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2011 was not the best year for LD's members. The overall return for LD, which was affected by the members' pool investments, was 0.1% i 2011 a significant decrease compriced to 2010. LD Discretionary Investments, which represent more than 90% of LDs assets and primarily is used by members who leaves the management of their assets in the hands of LD, returned 0.7% in 2011. The members of LD Discretionary Investments thus saw the value of their savings remained intact despite the volatile markets. 

LD's members benefit directly from the return, which is added to their savings. The average annual return for the members, which have left the management of their savings to LD throughout LD's now 32-years existence, is about 9.8%. The performance means that members, who were employed full-time in the period from 1977-79, have experienced an increase in their savings increase from DKK 4,368 in 1980 to DKK 102.062 at the end of 2011.