Annual report 2014

From 2012 the annual report is only published in Danish.

The annual report for 2014 can be found via the link below

 Årsrapport 2014

Summary of LD’s annual report 2014.

About the members

A return of 8.7 per cent on LD Vælger ensured that 2014 was a very satisfactory year for LD.

The savings of the members were increased and the value of a full-time account surpassed DKK 126,700 at the end of the year. A full-time account has increased its value by more than DKK 25,000 in the last five years.

The satisfactory return has also been a contributing factor to the fact that the members to a greater extent have chosen to leave their savings in LD even after they have turned 60, where they otherwise would be entitled to withdraw their savings. At the end of 2014, the share of 60-year-old members, who had chosen to maintain their savings in LD, accounted for 42 per cent of the total number of members.

In 2014 the number of withdrawals added up to 30.866, which is a decrease compared to 2014. The number of transfers from LD decreased in 2014 and yet again it reached its lowest number since the “transfer right” was introduced in 2005. No more than 792 members chose to transfer their savings to another pension provider. At the end of 2014 LD’s total number of members was 716,437 and member assets amounted to DKK 54.6 billion.

About LD

For a number of years LD has pursued a strategy, where activities, which with advantage may be handled outside LD’s organisation, are outsourced to carefully selected external collaboration partners. This process continued in 2013 where LD submitted a EU tender about membership administration and IT-operations, and in December 2013 LD entered into a collaboration agreement with FDC A/S.