How to complete the disbursement form

Reason for disbursement

Tick the box, which states your reason for getting your LD-savings disbursed. Please, remember to obtain certification if required.

Certification and date

You need a signature and a stamp from the authority or life insurance company that certifies that you are entitled to disbursement. Each item clearly states, who should sign and stamp the form. The authority or pension fund must state the date from which you have been awarded pension or compensation. You do not need to have the form certified, if you are older than 60 or if you are a resident abroad, the Cost-of-Living Allowance Fund will verify if the conditions for disbursement are fulfilled.

More about the conditions are enclosed

Enclosed, you will find further information about the details and conditions that you must fulfil in order to get your LD-savings disbursed before your 60th birthday. The administrator at the authority or life insurance company will be able to read more about the conditions on before certifying and stamping the form.

The funds will be transferred to your "nemkonto" account

The Cost-of-Living Allowance Fund will transfer your disbursement to your “nemkonto” account.

If your are a resident abroad

The Cost-of-Living Allowance Fund will transfer your disbursement to your bank account. In order to make a transfer to your account please, fill in the form here.

Remember to sign the form

You must sign and date the form at the bottom of the form.

Write in capital letters

You must complete all relevant sections in capital letters.

Disbursement takes place approx. after two weeks

As a rule, the Cost-of-Living Allowance Fund will be able to disburse your savings two weeks after receiving your request – provided the form has been completed correctly, and you are entitled to disbursement. Please, be aware that disbursement may take longer in the weeks immediately before and after 1st January and around 1st July. This is due to the fact that the Cost-of-Living Allowance Fund needs to close the annual and interim accounts before disbursement can take place. Disbursement may also take longer around the time of the public holidays in spring.

Download a translated version of PAYMENT FORM 2013

You must enclose a “kapitalpensionsattest” concerning life-threatening diseases signed by a doctor. The doctor’s fee for completing the form will not be covered by LD. If you already have a similar “kapitalpensionsattest” which has been used in connection with another pension scheme, LD will accept this certificate.

You can require a "kapitalpensionsattest" and a list of diseases, which are considered to be life-threatening from LD Member Service 0n +45 70 13 13 77.

By law, LD must, half a year before you reach the age for voluntary early retirement pay, inform SKAT and thereby your potential unemployment insurance fund about the size of your LD account. If disbursement already has happened, SKAT will be informed about the disbursed amount. The information may be of significance to your possible early retirement pay. For further information, please contact your unemployment insurance fund.