Over 60

Disbursement of your LD savings can take place when you are 60 years old, but you may benefit from leaving your savings in LD

If you are 60 years old, you can start the disbursement process via ld.dk. Log on with your nemID and complete the disbursement procedure. The money is transferred to your “nemkonto” account. It usually takes 8-10 days from approval of disbursement until the amount is available in your “nemkonto” account.

​Advantage to leave your savings in LD Pensions

There is no upper age limit for, how long you can leave you savings in LD Pensions. It might be an advantage to maintain your savings in LD Pensions until you need the money, because return is added to your savings on a continuous basis.

The return varies over time, and there can be both positive and negative fluctuations. Log on with your nemID and see the development in your savings over the years.

Disbursement will not affect your other pension schemes, and you may continue to save for your retirement in other pension schemes.

Disbursement form

The quickest way to request disbursement is to log on with nemID. If you do not have nemID then you can order a disbursement form on tel.: +45 70 13 13 77 and enter your personal identification number (“cpr-nr.”). Should you want to order a disbursement form for a relative, you must enter the personal identification number of the person in question.

Tax on disbursement

In relation to disbursement, tax will be withheld and paid to the Danish State before your savings are paid to you. From April 2015 it is possible to get tax relief in the shape of a reduction of the tax to the state ​

Tax and statement of account

Tax relief in LD Pensions