Under 60

As a rule, your LD savings may be disbursed at the age of 60, at the earliest, but if you meet certain requirements, it can take place before you are 60
The most frequent reasons for requesting disbursement under the age of 60
  • Disability

    You have been awarded disability pension.

  • Awarded pension

    You have been awarded pension from an approved pension scheme, public servant pension (tjenestemandspension) or pension for staff employed on terms similar to those of public servants.

  • Awarded compensation

    You have been awarded compensation for a loss of minimum 50 per cent or more of your work ability.

  • Resident abroad

    You have left Denmark.

  • Life-threatening disease

    You are suffering from or have been suffering from a life-threatening disease.

  • Disbursement rules

    Disbursement rules.

If you think that you meet one of the criteria for disbursement, you can request a disbursement form by calling +45 7013 1377 and enter your personal identification number.

You must provide documentation, which prove that you are entitled to disbursement of your LD savings.

Tax on disbursement

When your savings are disbursed, the Danish State will withhold approximately 40 per cent tax of your savings.

However, from April 2015 it is possible, within certain time limits, to obtain tax relief, meaning that you will obtain a reduction of the tax paid to the state. You can obtain the tax relief without requesting disbursement, but it requires that you provide proper documentation.

Tax and statement of account

​Tax relief in LD Pensions


Members, who are 60, can order payment by logging in with nemID. All other members must use a disbursement form.

​How to complete the disbursement form

Members, who have taken up permanent residence abroad, must provide bank account information before disbursement can take place.

Resident abroad