Tax relief in LD Pensions

It is possible to get tax relief in the shape of a reduction of the tax to the state. The key to obtain the tax relief is that the tax is paid within specified time limits. The main deadline is:
  • Have you become eligible for disbursement of your LD-savings then the tax must be paid within 12 months after your 60th birthday.

As a main rule, a member cannot obtain the tax relief until the member is 60 years old, and thus qualify for disbursement. It is a condition for the tax relief that the member meets at least one of the payment prerequisite.

Letter from LD Pensions?

LD Pensions writes to you approximately 10 months after your 60th birthday. LD Pensions offers to ensure that you obtain the tax relief by paying the reduced fee within the time limit.

If you do not hear from LD Pensions even though it is 10 months since you turned 60, please contact LD Member Services. If you live abroad then the lack of contact may be because we do not have your present address.

Younger than 60?

Under certain circumstances, you may be entitled to payment, even though you are not 60 years old. e.g. if you have been living abroad for at least 6 months then you are entitled to disbursement.

Payment rules 

If you meet one of the disbursement prerequisites, you can ensure tax relief by:

Requesting to continue your LD-savings with tax relief:

The form which is used for converting your LD savings account into a LD-age-savings account may be ordered on tel.: +45 70 13 13 77. The filled in form is sent to LD Member Services together with required documentation. After conversion to LD-age-savings account, disbursement is tax-free. And you may leave your savings until the day you need it.

Requesting disbursement

The disbursement form may be ordered on tel.: +45 70 13 13 77 and sent to LD Member Services with required documentation.