LD Pensions continuously adjusts its structure in order to ensure the best possible results for its members within the existing laws. Therefore, it is essential to LD Pensions that the members are offered favourable conditions consisting of competitive return and low costs.

LD Pensions attaches great importance of finding good collaboration partners for the tasks which can be solved through administration and consulting agreements. In this way, LD Pensions is able to solve its tasks with a relatively small organisation. LD Pensions' organisation consists of 17 employees.

Organisation for LD Pensions

The use of collaboration partners means that LD’ Pensions' organisation mainly consists of employees, who handle management tasks and investment- and accounting control functions in relation to our collaborations partners.

Board of Directors in LD Pensions

Employees in LD Pensions

Board of Directors in Kapitalforeningen LD (KLD)

  • Lars Mayland Nielsen - CEO in LD Pensions
  • Else Nyvang - COO in LD Pensions
  • Stefan Elbrønd Andersen - Head of Finance & Accounting in LD Pensions

LD Pensions informs about management conditions and fees in the annual report.