As a rule, disbursement of holiday allowance is linked to the individual's permanent exit from the labour market, e.g. retirement, early retirement, relocation from Denmark etc. However, it has been an option to receive payment without leaving the labour market three times.

Disbursement according to original rules

Employees who choose to leave their holiday allowance in the Holiday Allowance Fund after the early disbursements, may request disbursement according to the original rules, namely when they leave the labour market. When the employees reach retirement age, their holiday allowance will be disbursed, unless they specifically request that their allowance remain in the Holiday Allowance Fund.

In the event of death of an employee, the holiday allowance will be paid out to the estate. In case of other permanent withdrawals from the labour market, e.g. early retirement, relocation or other things, where disbursement may be requested based on documentation.

In relation to holiday allowance amounting to less than DKK 1,500 for the individual employee, immediate disbursement will take place.

Early disbursement autumn 2020

In order to stimulate the economy after the financial recession due to the covid-19 crisis, an option of obtaining disbursement of three holiday weeks' allowance, was rendered possible in autumn 2020. Therefore, employees could apply for disbursement without exiting the labour market. Of a total of DKK 108 billion in the Holiday Allowance Fund, DKK 52.3 billion was disbursed to 2.3 million employees.

Early disbursement spring 2021

After completion of early disbursement in 2020, a political majority decided to open up for disbursement of the remaining holiday allowance. The second early disbursement took place from the end of March 2021 until the end of May 2021. Approximately DKK 36 billion was disbursed. 

Disbursement according to §28

In connection with the adoptation of the freeze of the holiday allowance, an opportunity for new employees, who had earned less than 8,4 holidays prior to the freeze of the holiday allowance, arose, where they could apply  for holiday allowance upon request.