Almost 70

When you approach the age of 70, you will receive a letter from LD Pensions regarding disbursement of your savings. You may choose to leave your savings in LD Pensions

LD Pensions must try to disburse you LD Pensions' savings at the time when you reach 70, but you may choose to postpone payment and allow your savings to remain in LD Pensions. More and more members choose to do that, either by submitting the enclosed form, or by using the link on

You cannot postpone your savings in advance. You must wait for the letter from LD Pensions, where we will inform you about disbursement and the possibility of postponing disbursement.

If you choose to postpone your payment, LD Pensions will, after you have reached the age of 70, every 5th year try to disburse you savings to you. Each time you will be given the possibility to defer disbursement.

You are not bound to leave you savings in LD Pensions for a long period of time, even if you have postponed payment. You may require disbursement of you LD Pensions' savings at any time via

​​Information in the event of death

Tax relief in LD Pensions

As a main rule, a member cannot obtain tax relief until the member is 60 years old, and thus qualify for disbursement.

LD Pensions informs each member about when they can obtain the tax relief, and LD Pensions takes the initiative to secure the member the tax relief by offering to convert the savings account into an LD-age savings account.

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