Guide to disbursement abroad


This guide applies to those, who live abroad and request their LD-savings transferred to a foreign bank account. The information is important because it ensures a smooth and correct transfer of the LD-savings to a foreign bank account.

In order to transfer your funds, you must provide the following information toLD Pensions 

Full name – i.e. as stated in your passport.
Registration number and account number

Proof of ownership of the bank account

You must also attach documentation, which proves ownership of the account you have indicated belongs to you, and proof of that you are eligible to the LD-savings.
The Cost-of-Living Allowance Fund does not disburse the LD-savings without documentation proving that the amount is transferred to an account, which belongs to the person, who are eligible to the LD account.

Requirements for your account information

Be careful and enter correct information when entering your account information into the form. The Cost-of-Living Allowance Fund is not responsible for errors caused by faulty entries.

Do you have a "nemkonto"?

If you have a "nemkonto", you can simply tick of the item “Transfer requested to "nemkonto” in the form.

Do you have a Danish bank account, but not a "nemkonto"?

If you have a Danish bank account, but do NOT have a "nemkonto", then enter your registration number and account number into the form.

Do you have an IBAN number?

IBAN is an extension of your existing account number used for international transfers and payments. If you have an IBAN number, then enter it into the form.

Uncertain about whether you have an IBAN number?

There are many countries, which require IBAN account information in connection with foreign transfers.

Overview of countries, which require IBAN:

Link to Danske Bank overview list (Information only in Danish)

You can also enquire about it in your local bank.

Do you have BIC / SWIFT?

SWIFT / BIC (Bank Identifier Code) is an international standard for identifying a bank. If you have your bank's BIC / SWIFT code, then enter it into the form.

Do you live in a country that does NOT use BIC / SWIFT and IBAN?

Not all countries use BIC / SWIFT and IBAN. If you live in a country that does not use BIC / SWIFT and IBAN, you must ensure to get the bank codes from your local bank, which is required in connection with transferring of funds from abroad. Below are listed a number of bank codes for a few of countries:

US: 9-digit code named FW number, routing number or ABA number
Canada: 9 digit code named transit number
Australia: 6-digit bank code
New Zealand: 6-digit bank code


When transferring your LD-savings to your bank account the amount is exchanged into the currency, which is used in your country.

Remember – disbursement must be requested

In addition to filling in the form with the above-mentioned information and documentation, you must also request disbursement. The Cost-of-Living Allowance Fund can only disburse your savings once we have received your signed requested disbursement.

If you have nemID, you can log in at and request disbursement. However, this requires that you are over 60 years old. If this does not apply to you, you must order a disbursement form at +45 70 13 13 77 and, sign it and send it to LD Member Services.

We store your account information until we have received your disbursement form or registered your disbursement request from